On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 3:22 PM, Dean Jackson <d...@apple.com> wrote:
>> On 7 Aug 2015, at 2:44 AM, Christian Biesinger <cbiesin...@chromium.org> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> We (blink) would like to unprefix the intrinsic sizing keywords:
>> https://drafts.csswg.org/css-sizing/#width-height-keywords
>> We support them for widths and for heights (though they all do the
>> same thing for heights)
>> We were wondering what Webkit's plan for those keywords is -- are you
>> also interested in unprefixing? Are you happy with the keywords as
>> specced? Would you rather stop supporting them?
> Is there a test suite?
> I think WebKit should unprefix these keywords.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I'm not aware of an official testsuite.

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