When Safari has finished loading a page, VoiceOver plays an ascending
three tone sound effect, selects the web document and starts reading the
page. I'm trying to reproduce this effect on Firefox for Mac (see

There is an old message on Apple mailing list indicating that the
application listening the notification must actually play the sound.
However, that does not seem to reply to the question since Gecko is the
sender of the notification, not the receiver:

So instead I'm asking on this mailing list, since Gecko must probably
behave the same as WebKit. Reading WebKit source code, I found various
potential candidate notifications to send to VoiceOver:


I tried making Gecko call NSAccessibilityPostNotification with these
three events when the page is loaded and rendered but that does not seem
to help. The best I obtained is that the focus is now put on the web
document once it is loaded.

Any ideas about how WebKit accessibility code works here?


Frédéric Wang

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