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Short answer is VoiceOver probably needs to white list firefox as a “web 

What is the bundle id being used?

We are checking if the app is org.mozilla.firefox or org.mozilla.nightly and 
treating that as a web-browser

Also you will need to post AXLoadComplete when the page is done loading

> On Oct 1, 2015, at 5:00 PM, Darin Adler <> wrote:
>> On Oct 1, 2015, at 4:10 PM, Frédéric WANG <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When Safari has finished loading a page, VoiceOver plays an ascending
>> three tone sound effect, selects the web document and starts reading the
>> page. I'm trying to reproduce this effect on Firefox for Mac (see
>> There is an old message on Apple mailing list indicating that the
>> application listening the notification must actually play the sound.
>> However, that does not seem to reply to the question since Gecko is the
>> sender of the notification, not the receiver:
>> So instead I'm asking on this mailing list, since Gecko must probably
>> behave the same as WebKit. Reading WebKit source code, I found various
>> potential candidate notifications to send to VoiceOver:
>> @"AXLoadComplete"
>> @"AXLayoutComplete"
>> NSAccessibilityFocusedUIElementChangedNotification
>> I tried making Gecko call NSAccessibilityPostNotification with these
>> three events when the page is loaded and rendered but that does not seem
>> to help. The best I obtained is that the focus is now put on the web
>> document once it is loaded.
>> Any ideas about how WebKit accessibility code works here?
> WebKit does not play a page loaded sound. WebKit does not post a notification 
> that directly causes VoiceOver to play a page loaded sound. If WebKit did, 
> then you’d presumably hear that sound whenever you open message in Mail; Mail 
> uses WebKit to load the message content. Likely the same would happen in 
> other applications that use WebKit.
> I think the original answer from the Apple mailing list is possibly correct, 
> although I don’t know who Travis Siegel is and the comment about the 
> accessibility callback seems incorrect. It’s unlikely that listening for an 
> accessibility notification sent by WebKit is involved in Safari’s 
> implementation. It’s easy for an app using WebKit to know when the page is 
> loaded, and no reason for it to make use of an accessibility notification to 
> implement something like this.
> Since this mailing list is about development of WebKit, I don’t think it’s 
> likely you’ll find someone here who is an expert on exactly how the Safari 
> app works with VoiceOver. It’s possible that some person meeting that 
> description reads this list, but this list is supposed to be for discussing 
> the development of WebKit, not general Apple technical support questions, 
> even ones related to writing web browsers.
> I suggest normal Apple developer support channels.
> — Darin
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