> Here are the simple steps to reproduce it,
> 1.       Launch WinCairo and go to google.com <http://google.com/>
> 2.       Open Web inspector and open the script source of any .js script
> 3.       Set a breakpoint anywhere
> 4.       Reload the web page
> What we see is the spinner spinning and never the script source. However, if 
> one presses continue-script-execution from the debugger controls, we get the 
> view back.

Is WinCairo using WebKit1 or WebKit2?

This sounds like a known issue with WebKit1 where the inspector frontend page 
lives in the same process as the inspected page. In this situation pausing a 
page prevents Promise reactions from firing in the inspector frontend page. 
Loading resource content in the frontend depends on Promises. This should not 
be a problem in a WebKit2 world where the inspector frontend page lives in a 
separate process.

- Joe
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