I suggest reopening and restarting investigation on:
<https://webkit.org/b/135830> Promise reactions in the Inspector page do not 
run when the debugger is paused on the inspected page

The bug already has some analysis. You could use that to verify if your case is 
the same and investigate a fix. Since the time that bug was closed Promises 
have been used in other places in the inspector, so WebKit1 inspection may 
suffer from other more subtle issues with the same cause.

Further communication can happen in the bugzilla bug.

- Joe

> On Oct 2, 2015, at 4:20 PM, Vienneau, Christopher <cvienn...@ea.com> wrote:
> WinCairo and our port are both WebKit1, so your suggestion sounds quite 
> plausible.  On our port we also hooked up remote WebInpsector but it suffers 
> from the same issue, due to the way its hooked up I think it would be pretty 
> much with WebKit1 way of doing things here too.  Are there any suggestions on 
> how we might verify and workaround this issue?
> Chris
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> To: Vienneau, Christopher <cvienn...@ea.com>
> Cc: WebKit Development <webkit-dev@lists.webkit.org>; Alex Christensen 
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> Subject: Re: [webkit-dev] [webkit-help] Issue with Web Inspector debugger 
> breakpoint handling (on Wincairo)
> Here are the simple steps to reproduce it,
> 1.       Launch WinCairo and go to google.com <http://google.com/>
> 2.       Open Web inspector and open the script source of any .js script
> 3.       Set a breakpoint anywhere
> 4.       Reload the web page
> What we see is the spinner spinning and never the script source. However, if 
> one presses continue-script-execution from the debugger controls, we get the 
> view back.
> Is WinCairo using WebKit1 or WebKit2?
> This sounds like a known issue with WebKit1 where the inspector frontend page 
> lives in the same process as the inspected page. In this situation pausing a 
> page prevents Promise reactions from firing in the inspector frontend page. 
> Loading resource content in the frontend depends on Promises. This should not 
> be a problem in a WebKit2 world where the inspector frontend page lives in a 
> separate process.
> - Joe

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