The JSC VM has this method setExclusiveThread().  Some details:
1. setExclusiveThread() is only used to forego actually locking/unlocking the 
underlying lock inside JSLock.
2. setExclusiveThread() is only used by WebCore where we can guarantee that the 
VM will only ever be used exclusively on one thread.
3. the underlying lock inside JSLock used to be a slow system lock.

Now that we have fast locking, I propose that we simplify the JSLock code by 
removing the concept of the exclusiveThread and always lock/unlock the 
underlying lock.  This also give us the ability to tryLock the JSLock 
(something I would like to be able to do for something new I’m working on).

Does anyone see a reason why we can’t remove the concept of the exclusiveThread?



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