Seems like if the relevant benchmarks (speedometer) are ok with it then we 
should just do this. 


> On Feb 24, 2017, at 20:50, Mark Lam <> wrote:
> The JSC VM has this method setExclusiveThread().  Some details:
> 1. setExclusiveThread() is only used to forego actually locking/unlocking the 
> underlying lock inside JSLock.
> 2. setExclusiveThread() is only used by WebCore where we can guarantee that 
> the VM will only ever be used exclusively on one thread.
> 3. the underlying lock inside JSLock used to be a slow system lock.
> Now that we have fast locking, I propose that we simplify the JSLock code by 
> removing the concept of the exclusiveThread and always lock/unlock the 
> underlying lock.  This also give us the ability to tryLock the JSLock 
> (something I would like to be able to do for something new I’m working on).
> Does anyone see a reason why we can’t remove the concept of the 
> exclusiveThread?
> Thanks.
> Mark
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