> > Sure, it is good to test conformance, but there is no longer regression
> > testing on the deprecated feature behavior itself.
> > Ideally, this would require tighter syncing between the browsers. Might
> have
> > positive and/or negative consequences.
> I don't think we should be changing anything about our process to
> deprecate a feature based on changes to web platform tests or its
> limitations.


> If web platform tests end up deleting tests that we decide to continue
> to support, we should keep them elsewhere in WebKit repository instead
> of deleting those features.

Exactly, we should be ready for those cases.
When doing a full resync, it is just impossible to check whether each
modification is about feature removal.

> I would most vocally and strongly oppose to making any feature or
> policy decisions in WebKit solely based on changes to or processes in
> web platform tests.
> - R. Niwa
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