> On Aug 29, 2017, at 9:24 AM, Keith Miller <keith_mil...@apple.com> wrote:
>> * We could not use any namespaces and just fix name clashes as they arise, 
>> but only if we have some more predictable way to determine which files will 
>> be built together regardless of port or build configuration. Say files in 
>> small directories all get built together, while files in large directories 
>> get built together if their filenames start with the same letter. That might 
>> be too confusing, but a scheme like that would make it possible for us to 
>> ensure we don't have name clashes regardless of port configuration, while 
>> avoiding the need to add namespaces all over the place.
> I had considered something like this. Ultimately, I decided the FILENAME 
> solution was better because it lets us use descriptive names without having 
> to unique the name. When new cpp files are added to the project, if we don’t 
> use a namespace solution new errors in totally unrelated files may appear due 
> to reordering of the unified source lists. For new developers, errors 
> exclusively in .cpp files they didn’t touch would be particularly frustrating 
> and confusing. e.g. They add Foo.cpp which causes Bar.cpp and Baz.cpp to get 
> bundled together causing a redefinition error in Bar/Baz.cpp. While, new 
> developers might also be annoyed with the FILENAME solution, it’s a pretty 
> simple rule to follow and it doesn’t lead to the same surprises. 

Keep in mind that if you do this, you may not get a build error and still run 
into trouble. If several static functions end up having the same name but 
different parameters, your code may build but may end up crashing or with 
different behavior because we end up calling a different overload. This would 
seem very risky for a big project such as WebKit.

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