It’s weird that we have ENABLE(ACCESSIBILITY) and HAVE(ACCESSIBILITY) so at the 
very least one of these should go away, probably HAVE.

Currently there are actual implementations for iOS, Mac, Windows, and ATK. The 
WPE implementation is just a stub with everything notImplemented. I did some 
work to make the WPE implementation just be the default at but it broke a build so I rolled 
it out and haven’t returned to it yet so this is good timing for the discussion 
as that’ll influence what needs to be done with that.

If a stub implementation is ok for ports without an actual accessibility 
implementation then I’d say remove both flags. Then downstream users would 
never have to worry about breaking due to AX signatures changing.

If not my vote is to just have ENABLE(ACCESSIBILITY) since it can then be 
toggled on and off with webkit-build. A company like Tesla could always provide 
a buildbot that turns off accessibility on a public port if this is a real pain 
point since all public ports have it enabled.

-          Don

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It wasn’t added for Tesla. But they did build with it disabled at the time I 
lasted worked on it. It was a frequent pain point to keep the build working 
when AX changes happened.
— Timothy Hatcher

On Nov 14, 2018, at 5:29 PM, Ryosuke Niwa 
<<>> wrote:
I think it was added for Telsa's private port. Probably not worth maintaining 
the flag if the maintenance cost is high but is it?

- R. Niwa

On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 5:19 PM Fujii Hironori 
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Hi webkit-dev,

It seems that all port defines HAVE_ACCESSIBILITY=1. Can I remove all code for 



-- Fujii

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