Hi WebKitters,

My colleagues at Igalia have been working on a number of JS language features! 
We want WebKit to have implementations in order to provide feedback for TC39, 
and to help meet the requirements to have them merged into the specification 

Unfortunately, JSC suggested reviewers have been occupied for the past 6 
months, unable to provide feedback and help us upstream the patches. I'm 
reaching out to see if there are other folks reading webkit-dev who might be 
able to check on the work, see how it looks, and help us get this stuff 
upstream. We've been doing internal reviews, but unfortunately don't yet have 
any JSC reviewers on our team.

You can find the patch for instance class fields at 
https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=174212. Any kind of constructive 
feedback (from anyone) would be much appreciated :)

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