We are already in contact and the work will indeed be based on the Haiku fork. 
While I can mentor the Haiku side of the project, I think it is a good idea to 
rely on you all for the WebKit side of things.

I hope this will allow us toget one second developer working on the Haiku port, 
so I can do more than just keeping our port up to date.

On the current state of our port: the network backend is working, it's not 
perfect but we don't currently plan switching back to curl. The webkit2 work is 
only some very early steps and has stayed untouched for the past 4 years, so 
there may not be this much to recover from it. The Webkitlegacy parts are used 
in production, but we have not made them a public api, so that we can switch to 
webkit2 more easily (only our browser will need an update)

Thanks for your support and answering Rajagopalan's questions!

Haiku port maintainer
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