Hello guys,

I would like to say few things about current state of the port
1) We have working IPC
2) We have all process up and running

We decided to give Coordinated graphics a try - atleast until getting
something meaningful rendered on screen. We were able to create a bitmap in
webprocess and display it on UIProcess.
When i enter a URL i could see title of the page working. So i believe
webprocess(WebCore/page) and networkprocess are in state.

Now my problem is that I tried debugging graphics context's( i believe they
are responsible for rendering various elements on to tiles) operations with
printf statements to see what stuff are actually getting executed. I could
only see operations like scale,transform getting performed and thats it
page loading is done. This happens for any url (even about:blank) what i
think about this is it is maybe trying to set the viewport to right
size(correct me here). So it would be helpful if anyone could tell me what
am i missing ...

source code

Thank you very much guys!

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