Not sure how to interprete silence. BTW patch[*] is now ready to be
reviewed as all EWS are happy with it.



O Ven, 06-03-2020 ás 12:56 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin escribiu:
> Hi,
> I've just uploaded a patch[1] (based on previous work from my
> colleague
> Žan Doberšek) which brings a very basic WebXR[2] support for WebKit.
> Right now is just IDLs, stubs and pretty basic platform code, mostly
> empty implementations anyway.
> You can see WebXR[3] as the evolution of the deprecated WebVR API
> (which I recently removed from the tree). The idea is bringing the
> experience of mixed reality worlds (from VR to AR) to the Web by
> using
> the appropriate devices.
> This new spec was not born in a semi-deprecated state as WebVR did.
> It's currently partially shipped in Chrome/Edge[4]. Firefox has not
> shipped it yet but Mozilla has been one of the original authors of
> the
> specs with some proposals dating back to 2017. There is ongoing work
> to
> support the spec[5].
> It's worth mentioning that there are already several WPT tests[6] for
> the feature (my plan is to import them ASAP and make them work as
> APIs
> are implemented).
> Another important difference from the WebVR era is that right now we
> have a multiplatform Khronos standarized API for accessing VR/AR
> devices and platforms called OpenXR[7]. My plan is to implement all
> the
> platform code using OpenXR as a reference. This would allow us to use
> even the same platform code for different ports. AFAIK there is no
> OpenXR implementation and loader available at the moment for
> MacOS/iOS
> but I guess it'll eventually happen (in any case the platform code
> could be implemented without using OpenXR of course).
> Privacy has been always a concern in the WebKit project and now it
> gained the status of project goal. That's why I'd also like to
> mention
> here that privacy&security was also considered[8] since the very
> beginning. For example, when I attended the TPAC F2F meeting of the
> WebXR WG there was a joint session with the privacy CG where
> fingerprinting and other potential threat vectors were discussed.
> Last but not least, I'll focus this early stages of development in
> the
> WPE port, meaning that for example I'll be maintaining just the WPE
> build configuration (other ports won't be affected). My plan is to
> extend the support to other ports as the implementation matures.
> Opinions?
> BR
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6] 
> [7]
> [8]
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