Hi everybody,

Just sending out an email blast for visibility regarding 

This patch:

  *   Upgrades the Mac ICU headers under Source/WTF/icu from ICU 55 to ICU 62, 
matching Mojave
  *   Introduces a minimum ICU version of 60.2 throughout the codebase, as 
required by GTK for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

As written in the ChangeLog, the immediate motivations are:

  1.  To properly establish a minimum ICU version for WebKit as a whole
(responding to a pain point identified in 
  2.  To support the development of ECMA-402 Intl API features, which JSC is 
quite behind on
(and which often boil down to exposing ICU functionality to JavaScript)

The only remaining concern of which I am aware is that AppleWin’s ICU headers, 
stored in WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary.zip, need to be upgraded from ICU 49 to 62 (to 
match the lib files stored in WebKitSupportLibrary.zip). We do have a potential 
workaround for this (i.e. having CMake copy the Mac headers to 
WebKitLibraries/win) but it is feared that this may break Apple-internal builds 
and we would certainly like to avoid a revert if possible. Any help on this 
front would be greatly appreciated.

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