> At the time of this writing, the only port disables METER_ELEMENT flag is
> PlayStation.
> https://webkit-
> search.igalia.com/webkit/rev/a05c8cea48e9b0853834e0278f1926c6a4a1529
> a/Source/cmake/OptionsPlayStation.cmake#70
> It would be helpful if PlayStation port could consider enabling
> I think PlayStation port could enable the flag as is:
> 1. Rendering of <meter> element falls back to platform independent user
> agent style sheets so no platform specific code is required.
> 2. There is some code in WebCore/accessibility/ that is related to <meter>
> element, PlayStation port disables accessibility completely so that it won't
> affect.

Our downstream version does enable accessibility, that just hasn't
made it into the upstream port yet. We're still bringing things over
from before the port was upstreamed.

That said, I'm not sure why that feature was in our "No support planned"
section if it is primarily non-platform specific. I'll bring it up at our next
meeting to see if there's any reason we'd left it off.



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