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> Interesting. This looks fairly similar to some of the checkers we use in
> mozilla-central, fwiw.
> One interesting difference is that we opted for explicitly annotating
> the functions that can run script (think updateStyleIfNeeded(),
> dispatchEvent() etc equivalents) to be able to not warn for cases where
> using raw pointers is fine. See [1] for the current rules we're using.

That's an interesting alternative. We should consider that if the current
approach proves to cause perf issues.

So, I wonder... for a concrete example like [2], what is what would
> allow you to use shadowHost() without storing it on a local RefPtr
> otherwise, for example? Or is the plan to either pay the refcount churn,
> or silence the warnings on a per-case basis?

In this case, we'd like to store shadowHost() on a local RefPtr. "contains"
might be a common enough function that we could consider marking as safe
but in more generic case, there is no guarantee that contains would never
trigger a style or layout update, either of which may execute arbitrary
scripts. Also, script execution isn't the only way to get to memory
unsafely. Any piece of code that manipulates a complex enough data
structure may lead to use-after-free even if there was no arbitrary script
execution involved.

> https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/rev/f4b4008f5ee00f5afa3095f48c54f16828e4b22b/build/clang-plugin/CanRunScriptChecker.cpp#5-49
> [2]:
> https://webkit-search.igalia.com/webkit/rev/4c54a6d287d7fba30e1fb37d5afda692fb12a758/Source/WebCore/dom/Node.cpp#1041

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