Hi Ryosuke,

Would just like to clarify one point.

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> [Sorry, meant to reply-all]
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>> On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 8:19 AM David Bokan <bo...@chromium.org> wrote:
>>> Can you clarify what question you’re looking to have answered? Are you
>>>> asking for a new standards position in light of the replies below?
>>>  There are two specific points:
>>>  - As I understand it, HTML requires multi-vendor interest to merge
>>> changes to specs. Is Apple's position sufficient to start that process? I'd
>>> be happy to start turning the spec into PRs but I interpreted the earlier
>>> position in this thread more as "not-opposed" rather than support (is that
>>> a fair reading?)
>> Given we're concerned about compatibility and this affects how URL, which
>> is a pretty fundamental part of the Web, is interpreted, it's fair to say
>> we're not ready to endorse such a motion.
The change we've proposed and implemented in Chrome doesn't touch anything
in the URL spec or handling; it's entirely an extension to fragment
processing in HTML documents only. If this were implemented in WebKit and
Gecko I think that'd address any compat issues? If you don't agree, could
you clarify what you see as the main compat risk?

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