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Hello webkit-dev,

We would like to get an official position from WebKit on the Storage
Foundation API (https://github.com/fivedots/storage-foundation-api-explainer),
a storage API that resembles a very basic filesystem, with direct access to
stored data through buffers and offsets. Our goal is to give developers
flexibility by providing generic, simple, and performant primitives upon
which they can build higher-level components. It's particularly well suited
for Wasm-based libraries and applications that want to use custom storage
algorithms to fine-tune execution speed and memory usage.

The API is currently available behind a flag in Google Chrome. We've
received feedback before in #4 (
asking to clarify our relationship to other storage APIs. We are still
working on gathering all the required data to resolve the issues raised
there, we intend to update it as soon as we can.

Thank you,
Emanuel Krivoy
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