We are not opposed to the concept of efficient access to files, but we are 
strongly opposed to minting a brand new Web API for file access instead of 
enhancing one of the existing ones.

This issue outlines the problem: 
A similar issue was filed by Domenic Denicola from the Chrome team: 

We strongly urge Chrome not to move forward with this API until the above 
issues are addressed in a satisfactory manner.


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> (Resending with correct subject for findability and to add further context. 
> Sorry for the spam.)
> Hello webkit-dev,
> We would like to get an official position from WebKit on the Storage 
> Foundation API (https://github.com/fivedots/storage-foundation-api-explainer 
> <https://github.com/fivedots/storage-foundation-api-explainer>), a storage 
> API that resembles a very basic filesystem, with direct access to stored data 
> through buffers and offsets. Our goal is to give developers flexibility by 
> providing generic, simple, and performant primitives upon which they can 
> build higher-level components. It's particularly well suited for Wasm-based 
> libraries and applications that want to use custom storage algorithms to 
> fine-tune execution speed and memory usage.
> The API is currently available behind a flag in Google Chrome. We've received 
> feedback before in #4 
> (https://github.com/fivedots/storage-foundation-api-explainer/issues/4 
> <https://github.com/fivedots/storage-foundation-api-explainer/issues/4>), 
> asking to clarify our relationship to other storage APIs. We are still 
> working on gathering all the required data to resolve the issues raised 
> there, we intend to update it as soon as we can.
> Thank you,
> Emanuel Krivoy
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