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> Hello list,

Hi Alemar,

First, a disclaimer:  I'm not a WebKit developer, just another poor
(happy?) soul having a lot of fun (?) trying to integrate it ("fun"
mostly because of everything else, WebKit itself is just too awesome ;D)

> I just joined here because I have a question/problem related to
> WebKitGTK development. I wanted to know if it's possible for you devs
> to also publish or provide builds with debugging symbols?

Personally I don't think it's reasonable because of many possible build
configurations (configuration options etc.), storage it takes, toolchain
differences (unless using Flatpak build) etc.

> To give some context: I've spent around 2 days worth of free time this
> week trying to get the standard build to work, and it always
> hangs/crashes my computers when building the JavaSscriptCore files
> (not to mention they seem rather heavy).
> This has happened to me on my i7 4790K w/ 16 GB RAM (4C/8T) under both
> Manjaro Linux and Ubuntu 20.10 (I even switched to Manjaro to see if
> it was a lack of resources, but no) and it also happened on a VPS
> server I have rented on SSDNodes (12 vCPUs and 48 GB RAM), it hanged
> so bad that I had to hard-reboot it. I dunno what the code is doing,
> but I don't think I need to have a mainframe to build this, do I?

Hm, I just made a GTK debug build which took around 55 minutes on my
Lenovo P52 with Xeon.  Had no issues.

Just followed these:

For simplicity, I used Flatpak based build.

> The question also comes out of frustration: I'm trying to debug a
> "stack smashing detected" issue and to see the call stack I need the
> debugging symbols, otherwise all I see is undefined symbols all
> around.
> So, how hard/possible it is for you to provide a build with the
> debugging symbols (since you're the devs and might have already
> reached a checkpoint where you don't have to build the JavaScriptCore
> anymore since builds are incremental) for us poor devs who can't
> afford a more powerful rig and are actually developing apps to bring
> some bread to the table?

Personally, being in a similar position to yours, I'm far from expecting
anyone to share debug symbols as typically every dev build is somewhat
unique.  And I can see how much of a burden it could be to provide them.

> Thanks and sorry for my lack of netiquette regarding mailing lists,
> I'm pretty new to using these. I wonder why don't you guys have a
> forum, a discourse, or a way to submit questions/bug that's not an
> email list?

(see "Staying in Touch")
Slack seems to be active.  There are some people on the IRC channel but
it seems quiet.

I hope this helps,

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