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> Hey all!
> Thanks for the fast reply :) here I quote:
> ---
> Krzysztof, thanks for your response. Indeed, WebKit is awesome! You
> have a point with the debug build, however, I'd say that for general
> purpose it's valid to at least provide one (you'll see why below) like
> they already did for Xenial (I didn't know until now though)
> https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/libwebkit2gtk-3.0-25-dbg . Sadly,
> there's no package for 4.0.

It sounds to me like it's an ask for the distribution you're using, not
WebKit project.  Typically projects distribute source code and it's up
to distributions what they do about it and what binaries they provide.
Some projects _may_ provide pre-built binaries, but it's not a rule.

> I don't see it as a burden or a problem, I
> mean, I was able to compile one, so sharing it should be a piece of
> cake, no?

Um, something that works for me might not work for you if I share it
with you.  If I were literally to share my debug symbols/binaries now,
what would you expect me to provide?  Flatpak image?
If I built it without Flatpak, how could I be sure your libc version
matched and the toolchains are compatible?

If all of the above was dealt with, how would you be sure it corresponds
to the binary you use?  Even if it's built from the same check-out,
maybe your distribution applied some patches?  Maybe the distribution
uses slightly different build configuration?

It does not sound to me like a piece of cake to share this type of
binaries, as there's a lot of variables to consider.

Sorry I'm not able to provide you more specific information, I'm trying
to wrap my head around this as well.  My take on this though is that if
I can't build a complicated piece of software like WebKit myself, then
I'm probably not able to debug it reliably.  It's just my view.


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