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>> Hi Maciej, Webkit team,
>> Now that First-Party Sets has been incubating within PrivacyCG for ~6 
>> months, I wanted to check with you to see if you have reconsidered your 
>> position on the proposal. It seems WebKit may intend to use First-Party Sets 
>> relationships to apply to browser policies other than cookie blocking 
>> (https://github.com/w3ctag/design-reviews/issues/342#issuecomment-801517385),
>>  but I wasn't sure whether to construe that as positive progress in your 
>> position.

I'm not certain in what way John's comment could be interpreted like
that but WebKit does not have such a plan and Apple's WebKit team
continues to oppose this proposal. I don't think there has been
substantive changes to address the various concerns we have raised so

- R. Niwa
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