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> Documentation is an important part of any open source project, especially for 
> a larger project like WebKit. Being able to ramp up during the onboarding 
> process, reading up on architectural decisions, and learning how to perform 
> common procedures are all features the documentation should tackle. WebKit 
> has a large set of documentation already, but it is scattered around a wide 
> range of platforms (Trac, GitHub Wiki, markdown files in the code, Git 
> commits, etc...), and some of the information is out of date.

This ultimately feels like this situation:
https://xkcd.com/927/ <https://xkcd.com/927/>

I’ve been working on https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/main/Introduction.md 
<https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/main/Introduction.md> for the past 
couple of years, and I’d would have preferred to have a collaboration rather 
than a competition here.

> A few months ago, I started working on a new documentation solution based on 
> the DocC documentation framework.

Was there any discussion as to which documentation framework should be used? 
I’m personally not familiar with DooC documentation, and I’m  surprised that 
such an important decision was made unilaterally without much discussion on 

> I have already ported a large section of Trac, all of the GitHub Wiki, and 
> all of the non third party markdown files in the code over to this platform.

I’m not certain if there is a community wide support that this is the right 
tool to migrate all our documentations. I for one certainly object to the use 
of DooC as the primary documentation tool.

> I have tested this on macOS and Linux and have found it works extremely well. 
> (Windows should be able to use WSL2 at the moment, while a few remaining 
> issues get sorted out). The only dependency for this project is a recent 
> installation of Swift.

Previously, we’ve rejected Swift as a general purpose programming languages in 
WebKit: https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2014-July/026722.html 
<https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2014-July/026722.html> other 
than to allow existing C++ code to call into Swift API: 

As such, I don’t think we should require having a functional Swift toolchain as 
a requirement for contributing to WebKit or its documentations either.

- R. Niwa

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