Hi folks.

I understand it can be super critical to understand what version someone was 
testing when reporting a WebKit bug. But I, at least, haven’t found the version 
field at bugs.webkit.org useful in the 20+ years I have been working on this 

Now we have that same noise in GitHub. All my pull requests have the label 
WebKit Nightly Build on them when I use the “git webkit pr” command to create 
them. And we have lots of labels with various version numbers, such as “Safari 
8” and “417.x".

Can we just get rid of all this? Is there anyone who’s finding these labels 
useful in GitHub?

I suggest we remove these labels from the project. No objections to leaving the 
version field in bugs.webkit.org for the time being, but eventually I think we 
should probably get rid of that too.

— Darin
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