Hi !

I'm trying to figure out a weblate workflow to review the translated strings. 
Ideally it would be like:

* The translator saves a translation
* The reviewer navigates all translations that have not been reviewed and either
  * accept them
  * comment on them asking for changes

This is specially important for SecureDrop[1] because the upstream project will 
not accept translations unless they have been reviewed by someone they trust. I 
explored ideas [2] but nothing conclusive came out of it. This seems to be a 
common pattern and I'm sure it has been discussed in the past.

What do you think ?


[1] http://SecureDrop.org
[2] Workflow proposal 
    How to set all strings as needing review in weblate? 

Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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