Hi Christian,

Many thanks for your answers; allow me another bunch of (quite stupid, indeed) questions, just to understand the matter.

Il 19/05/23 12:13, Christian Lohmaier ha scritto:
check out what happens on the download page in italian [1]; the
right-sided buttons are not translated and I see their values are in the
HTML code not translated.

That is expected/by design.

Ok, good to know.

To have translated sidebar buttons you
need to provide translated content in silverstipe backend on the
download page.
the "Sidebar Button" field labeled "Sidebar buttons, see
https://redmine.documentfoundation.org/issues/1023"; the ticket shows
sample syntax

Thanks for the information. I will involve the translation group on this specific snippet and get back to the list/to you in private when ready.

Or the donations page [2] [...]

Oh, should not have been a problem for years. Maybe a problem years
back when the strings were added to the website but were not available
on weblate, but that's long fixed since then.

I have the impression this has been left as it is now since then. No one to blame, here - possibly missed communication from the translation team. We'll try to get better in communicating from our side (NLP project, I mean).

but for some
reason the exported files on the website server do not have the string
for italian (but for a couple of others)

In the meantime Marina did a quick check for other languages and it seems Italian is indeed not the only one (for sure we know of partial translations on Spanish, French and Chinese zh-cn). But I am sure you have a better understanding of its impact as of now.
Are you aware of any issues in applying new translation efforts on the

Not problems like that - the translations aren't synced regularly
(then again strings also change very rarely), but I was not aware of
incomplete transfer of strings.

Yeah, well, it doesn't make sense to check each week for translations, indeed. I hoped there was a simple, less manual way to deal with it, but no need for it if complicates too much and doesn't give much of an advantage.

Sparing you from tedious and manual operations was another clear goal, but that depends on the push to have that in place - which seems very low to me, with the current status-quo, and quite risky, while not requiring your efforts for a lot of time.

Is Weblate the right tool to source for website translations,
then, or this is still Silverstripe?

A clear "it depends" (see above) - some parts are translated in
weblate (mostly the static downlaod page and donate page strings), but
other parts like project-specific stuff like sidebar buttons where
each NL project might have different coverage/focus is done in

Thanks for clarification.

Is there an easy way to recognize which parts are still managed in Silverstripe and the ones that are in Weblate, apart of the obvious "check in Weblate, if the string is not there then it is managed in Silverstripe"?

Do you think it is feasible to have some backups for that work and/or a responsible person on each NLP, that are able to verify and in case deploy modifications to the website or it will be mostly useless/painful? I think the Italian NLP project already had someone, but I think he is not so much present anymore.

And honestly the migration to new website took/takes longer than
expected, it was already decided long ago that the website system will
change to the git managed site, so no real work was done on the old
Indeed, no need nor point to have the whole website sorted out in haste.

With "Git managed site" you meant similar to what happens/have happened with TDF website (so based on Hugo)? Is there any foreseeable time-span in which you think that could land?
What's the expected workflow around
updating NLP pages?

That's still manual, introducing new strings into the system would
require manual update of the strings that are available in weblate,
and then exporting strings from weblate to silverstripe is also manual
since the yaml file needs to meet certain formatting standards/cannot
be used directly.

Ah, that's quite a bummer - but I guess it is something we can live with for as long as needed to move to a new platform, also given the low frequency of the task.

I think it might have been a bug in one of weblate's dependencies that
got updated meanwhile, at least when I export the italian website file
now I get the DonateTimeHeader string...

As said, it is totally possible the results of the bug was there since long, but the bug isn't around anymore.

Thank you again so much for the answers and having unblocked the issue, cheers,
Emiliano Vavassori

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