Dear members of the The Document Foundation,

I am writing to you with a proposal that I believe could significantly enhance our organizational efficiency and communication methods.

As we all know, effective communication lies at the heart of any successful foundation. Currently, our primary modes of communication largely rely on email and IRC. While these platforms have served us adequately in the past, I believe it's time for us to consider adopting a more modern and versatile solution: Matrix.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication, offering features such as real-time chat, VoIP, and end-to-end encryption. By transitioning to Matrix, we could streamline our communication processes, facilitate easier collaboration among members, and enhance the overall transparency of our operations.

Here are a few reasons why I believe Matrix would be a valuable addition to our organization:


   *Real-time Collaboration*: Matrix provides instant messaging
   capabilities, enabling members to communicate in real-time. This can
   greatly expedite decision-making processes and foster a more dynamic
   exchange of ideas.

 * *Centralized Information Repository*: Matrix serves as a centralized
   hub where all communication and information exchange takes place. By
   having all discussions, (documents,) and updates in one place, we
   can avoid fragmentation of information across multiple platforms.
   This ensures that everyone in the LibreOffice community has easy
   access to the latest developments, discussions, and resources
   related to our projects.

   *Decentralized Nature*: Unlike traditional centralized communication
   platforms, Matrix is decentralized, meaning that no single entity
   has control over the entire network. This aligns with the values of
   openness and decentralization that are core to the The Document

 * *Organizational Structure with Spaces and Rooms*: Matrix offers a
   flexible organizational structure through the use of Spaces and
   Rooms. Spaces allow us to group related discussions and projects
   together, making it easier to navigate and manage different areas of
   interest within LibreOffice. Within each Space, Rooms can be created
   to focus on specific topics, teams, or initiatives. This
   hierarchical organization promotes clarity and efficiency in
   communication, ensuring that conversations are relevant and
   accessible to the right people. With Spaces and Rooms, we can
   effectively coordinate efforts, streamline workflows, and foster
   collaboration across various aspects of the LibreOffice ecosystem.

   *Enhanced Security*: Matrix prioritizes security and privacy,
   offering end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive communications.
   This would provide us with greater peace of mind when discussing
   confidential matters.


   *Reduced Email Spam and Consolidation of Communication Channels*:
   With Matrix as our primary communication platform, we can
   significantly reduce the clutter of email spam and consolidate our
   communication channels into a single, cohesive platform. This
   simplification can lead to better organization and fewer missed

My plans would be:

1. Activate
   <> for everyone
2. Create a useful structure with Spaces, Sub-spaces and Rooms
3. Inform the members about the new official all in one communication
4. shutdown IRC and email list until (example) 31.12.2024

I understand that transitioning to a new communication platform involves some effort and adjustment. However, I believe that the long-term benefits of adopting Matrix far outweigh the initial challenges.

I would be more than happy to facilitate the transition process and provide assistance to ensure a smooth migration. Additionally, I encourage all members to explore Matrix and its capabilities to see firsthand how it can enhance our collaborative efforts.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I am confident that embracing Matrix as our primary communication platform would be a positive step forward for the The Document Foundation.

I hope it's okay with you that I'm making this suggestion

Best regards,

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