Hi Ilmari,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about Matrix. While I appreciate your reservations, allow me to address some of the points you raised and present why Matrix could still be a valuable addition to our communication infrastructure.

Regarding the onboarding process for new contributors, I understand the importance of a smooth transition. One approach we can take is to use bridges that connect IRC and Matrix. This allows newcomers to continue using IRC if they prefer, while also providing the option to interact with Matrix users seamlessly. By offering this flexibility, we can evaluate IRC usage during onboarding and gradually introduce Matrix as contributors become more comfortable with our communication tools. For a personal interview you can still use IRC, but the main communication for the community can run on matrix.

We could actively monitor how many new contributors opt for IRC during onboarding to gather insights into community preferences. This data will inform our decisions about the future of our communication infrastructure.

I can't really agree with the problems you described with matrix. The UI/UX is interchangeable, maybe you just don't prefer Element. In my opinion, the verification problems were largely solved by the passphrase.

Thanks to my school and university, I personally find email lists a bit annoying. Sure, you can get used to almost anything, but some tools are just more practical. But I also understand that email lists can sometimes be useful. They don't necessarily have to be switched off.

Let me just say that you can also create own rooms for long theme-based discussions.

Matrix offers efficient searching capabilities, similar to IRC and email clients, making it suitable for power users who rely on quick access to relevant information. By leveraging Matrix's advanced search functionalities, we can streamline information retrieval and enhance productivity within the community.

I have the feeling that an official matrix space would be welcomed by the community. There is already an (unofficial) LO Space with 115 members. An official instance would reduce fragmentation and perhaps bring the community together.

Since a matrix instance is already running, we could activate access for everyone as a test and set up a useful space structure. The costs for the server are already there anyway.

We could also consider using mattermost instead of matrix.


Am 19.05.24 um 10:47 schrieb Ilmari Lauhakangas:
On 18.5.2024 23.34, Philippe wrote:
Dear members of the The Document Foundation,

I am writing to you with a proposal that I believe could significantly enhance our organizational efficiency and communication methods.

As we all know, effective communication lies at the heart of any successful foundation. Currently, our primary modes of communication largely rely on email and IRC. While these platforms have served us adequately in the past, I believe it's time for us to consider adopting a more modern and versatile solution: Matrix.

Hello Philippe. It is normal to come with expectations to a new project. I was certainly prejudiced against the LibreOffice communication channels when I joined as a volunteer. Over time I was able to let go of my bias, especially in the case of mailing lists.

I am against the proposal as it would make onboarding new contributors more difficult.

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