On April 15, 2003, we are anticipating that we simply do not have the staff available 
to supply all patients that walk in our door with our NPP.  It's hard to find someone 
to do a job like this for only 3-4 months!  We plan to hire college students to 
accomplish this task when school let outs in May.  

Nevertheless, in order to be compliant with the April 15, 2003 deadline, is it 
acceptable to mail out our NPP to scheduled patients ahead of time?  

Is the fact that we are mailing them out  (and let's say we can keep track of who got 
SENT one) sufficient in itself to meet the requirement of a "Good faith effort to 
obtain acknowledgement of receipt of NPP"?  That is, is simply mailing out the NPP 
adequate?   If such a plan is not adequate, what about if we included an 
acknowledgement form in the mailing and asked the patient to return the form (and we 
did NOT supply an envelop or stamp)?  Would that be enough, even if no one returns it? 

Rich Fairley MD
Dubuque, IA 

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