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> For logging I would advocate for a or size fits all model. With Python
> logging you can also load config from a file, so this would allow
> developers to specify their own logging handlers and filters if so desired.

​I'd rather see a standardized way of doing logging throughout weewx,
including extensions. Otherwise, it's very hard to unravel and do remote

> I will most likely put this syslog wrapper out as it's own project once I
> fix up the logging mask.
> Shall we put the Windows branch into the main Git repo while playing with
> this? Can I create a pull request for that?

​If you wish. But, let me ask you, are you willing to be the support
point-of-contact for a Windows port? That includes drivers. I don't mean to
scare you off, but I know nothing about Windows and don't really care to


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