Since the WeatherFlow API link has been published and is apparently no 
longer under NDA, I was wondering if anyone is in the process of developing 
a station driver to capture their UDP broadcast packets on the local subnet 
and import them into weewx?

They also have cloud-based REST and Websocket interface specs published, 
but I think that the best plan of attack is to pick the broadcasts off of 
UDP/50222 since I believe that it is broadcast as soon as their hub 
receives it from each sensor.

Since they are going to [finally!] be shipping at least the Air unit 
(outdoor temp, humidity, barometer, lightning detector) and Hub to their 
campaign supporters in the next month, I was thinking that it would be a 
good time to get support in place for weewx.  Hence, wanting to know if 
someone else is working on it before trying to cobble together something on 
my own?????

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