The protocol used to talk to the console is based on what I could see being 
used by the EasyWeatherIP app (the version I looked at was running on my 
iMac under MacOS).

If there is similar software that can talk to your console (or even a later 
version of the software I used) then there is a chance to understand the 
protocol. It is not easy to know how much needs to change without knowing 


On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 9:23:59 AM UTC+10, Mike Frison wrote:
> Does anyone know whether this can be adapted to the WS-2902/WH2900?  
> It's a similar Fine Offset machine with wireless to console and WiFi to 
> router connections and easy uploads to WU,, and 
> weathercloud.
> I have mine sending directly to WU with iptables on the router teeing them 
> to a Raspberry Pi 2B where the interceptor driver is feeding them to weewx, 
> but the HP1000 driver would be a much cleaner approach.
> I've tried it, but don't get a response from the UDP broadcast, just 
> repeated timeouts. (no firewall on the pi)  
> Suggestions?

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