Hey Mike,

I was wondering if you every got this working with you WS-2902. I followed 
this guide: http://landoflinux.com/linux_raspberry_pi_weather_station.html

Seems to use the driver Susan developed. I get all the way down to 
"Checking connectivity to your weather station" but then it fails with 
"Timed out too many times"

Ultimately, I am hoping to use the realtime.txt file that the Cumulus 
Realtime Plugin generates. I have no wishes to post my data anywhere. The 
information in this .txt file will be used to make decisions in regards to 
my RPi's GPIO.

I apologize in advanced, I realize I most likely posted this in the wrong 
thread. I wasn't aware of all the others in the weewx group. So please let 
me know if I should post this elsewhere.

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