I'm working on a driver (based on Nev Davis's Raspberry Pi driver) and 
skin.conf (Standard skin) for displaying measurements from four different 
models of temperature and humidity sensors directly connected to a RPi. I 
want to compare the readings from them side by side. The driver seems to be 
working properly but in trying to make a custom skin.conf I get:

Feb  2 03:45:40 raspberrypi weewx[14174]: reportengine: Caught 
unrecoverable exception in generator weewx.imagegenerator.ImageGenerator
Feb  2 03:45:40 raspberrypi weewx[14174]:         ****    File 
"/usr/share/weewx/weedb/sqlite.py", line 41, in guarded_fn
Feb  2 03:45:40 raspberrypi weewx[14174]:         ****      raise 
Feb  2 03:45:40 raspberrypi weewx[14174]:         ****  NoColumnError: no 
such column: extraHumid3

So it's finding extraHumid1 and 2...
Here is the section from skin.conf (inHumidity is the average of the 4 
values, computed in the driver):

And here I am putting the values in the packet in the driver:

                _packet = {'dateTime': int(time.mktime(raw_time)),
                      'usUnits' : weewx.METRIC,
                      'inTemp' : avgTemp,
                      'inHumidity' : avgHumid,
                      'pressure' : data[7],
                      'extraTemp1' : data[1],
                      'extraHumid1' : data[2],
                      'extraTemp2' : data[3],
                      'extraHumid2' : data[4],
                      'extraTemp3' : data[5],
                      'extraHumid3' : data[6],
                      'extraTemp4' : data[8],
                      'extraHumid4' : data[9]

At one point I remember seeing only up to extraHumid2 and extraTemp3 
mentioned in the documentation (can't locate where that was) but elsewhere 
I believe I have seen up to 7 of each.

Does the database code need to be modified for this to work? Thanks.

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