The main problem now is that after a dist-upgrade of raspian, the attempts 
to read the data fail immediately after recognition of the device station, 
whereas previously only after several successful attempts. Perhaps 
upgrading the os has changed a basic system configuration? I have 
uninstalled weewx and installed again alone using setup and your new driver 
for te923, and reset the station, but these have not resolved the issue. I 
also note that no archive database has been made.  Where should I look to 
identify my problem/mistake?

Am Sonntag, 21. August 2016 10:31:30 UTC+2 schrieb GBW:
> hallo,
> As beginner, I am running weewx on a raspi 3 (setup.py) connected to a 
> german TFA Nexus (TE923 clone). Weewx is running fine apart from ocassional 
> crashes (a different issue) and I am able to configure the templates to get 
> as much data as possible using the standard driver but suspect some may be 
> missing. I am trying to correlate the raw data from the Nexus, the database 
> weewx.sdb and this message that was printed out using the standard alarm.py 
> file:
> Record:
> {'heatindex': 61.76571428571423, 'altimeter': 30.124462235072006, 
> 'outHumidity': 77.0, 'ET': None, 'maxSolarRad': None, 'link_rain': 0.0, 
> 'uvBatteryStatus': 1.0, 'interval': 20, 'link_uv': 1.0, 
> 'rainBatteryStatus': 1.0, 'uvLinkStatus': None, 'outLinkStatus': None, 
> 'rainRate': 0.0, 'outTempBatteryStatus': 1.0, 'forecast': 6.0, 
> 'extraLinkStatus1': None, 'extraLinkStatus2': None, 'extraLinkStatus3': 
> None, 'extraLinkStatus4': None, 'inTemp': 74.00571428571429, 'storm': 0.0, 
> 'inDewpoint': 61.276098375690395, 'barometer': 30.16245112929988, 
> 'windchill': None, 'dewpoint': 54.476171656787166, 'windrun': 0.0, 
> 'extraBatteryStatus2': 1.0, 'rain': 0.0, 'humidex': 66.2961129592404, 
> 'pressure': 27.508388767307753, 'extraHumid4': None, 'extraHumid3': None, 
> 'rainLinkStatus': None, 'extraHumid1': 61.0, 'rainTotal': 
> 0.06578000000000007, 'extraTemp4': None, 'extraTemp2': None, 'extraTemp3': 
> None, 'usUnits': 1, 'extraTemp1': 74.47999999999995, 'link_wind': 1.0, 
> 'windLinkStatus': None, 'appTemp': None, 'extraBatteryStatus3': 1.0, 
> 'windBatteryStatus': 1.0, 'UV': None, 'extraBatteryStatus4': 1.0, 
> 'dateTime': 1471761600.0, 'windDir': None, 'outTemp': 61.76571428571423, 
> 'windSpeed': None, 'inHumidity': 64.53968253968254, 'windGust': None, 
> 'link_3': 1.0, 'link_2': 0.0, 'link_1': 0.0, 'windGustDir': None, 
> 'extraBatteryStatus1': 1.0, 'cloudbase': 4159.995077547059, 'link_5': 
> 1.0, 'link_4': 1.0}
> This appears to be what is called "rec" in the script and to be a python 
> dictionary. I notice that there are data fields that are not identified in 
> either the buffer output or the database, for example those marked in red: 
> forecast, inDewpoint, humidex, cloudbase.
> Are these fields actually calculated by the weewx software? Can I change 
> the database to accept these data if they could be read in? I should be 
> grateful for any tips, many thanks

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