You are probably better off getting familiar with the command line 
interface, and using a text editor such as nano to edit config files with. 
rather than using a graphical editor.

Permissions are changed and set in the standard Linux way.  If the files 
are owned by another user, such as root, a method to edit them is to use 
sudo before the command eg sudo nano weewx.conf 

On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 05:09:25 UTC+3, Bob Breck wrote:

> Doing a clean install on a new Raspberry Pi (v 3.5.0). The installer 
> doesn't open the config tool, and I can't edit the config file manually; 
> I'm logged in as user Pi and it tells me I don't have permission to edit 
> this file. Can someone tell me how to edit this file using the graphical 
> interface? I've tried numerous ways to change permissions, but am not too 
> familiar at using the Terminal to do so.
> Can I manually run to config program, permanently change the permissions 
> for the weewx directory for user Pi?
> Thanks!

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