Well that was interesting.   I did edit the weewx.conf file:

        pressure = pressure + 7

But this resulted in the Current Conditions of the Barometer and the 
Barometer Trend both returning a value of   N/A  .

Any thoughts.


On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 11:52:56 UTC+10, DD CC wrote:
> I have tried using sudo wee_config_fousb --slp=xxxx.xx  but always get   
> back    wee_config_fousb    command not found.
> I have used a Gdebi weewx installation which works well with a fineoffset 
> WH1080.
> Should    wee_config_fousb   be part of the install and if so where would 
> it reside with the Gdebi installation.
> Or is there another command function that can be used for the WH1080 
> pressure calibration.

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