On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 8:32:42 AM UTC-4, Rune Laegreid wrote:
> Are there anyone out there that can come up with a way for me to determine 
> if it is the interpretation of the data from Davis Vantage Pro 2 station or 
> it is the weather station itself that causes the issue?
> ....and if it is a software/parameter issue, where should I start search 
> for a solution?

analogous to the first computer support question of "is it plugged in?", 
you might want to check the hardware first.  do you have a camera on it or 
friendly eyeballs nearby the station that could inspect it for you?

a bird once had a rather hard landing on the anemometer arm of one of our 
weather stations.  that, combined with a fastener that had become loose, 
resulted in a 4 or 5 degree angle from vertical.  so all of the wind 
direction readings were biased.


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