> You could just redo the sums using an update sql statement. Assuming TTTT 
> is the unix epoch time of the start of the day you wish to edit, It would 
> be something like (NOT TESTED)
> update archive_day_rain set sum=1.0 where dateTime = TTTT;
> alternatively, if you wanted the actual sum:
> update archive_day_rain set sum=(select sum(rain) from archive where 
> dateTime>TTTT and dateTime <=(TTTT+86400)) where dateTime=TTTT;
yes - I did the first one and just forced the sum, thanks for confirming 
what I was thinking.....

FWIW, I got TTTT via the following:

echo "select datetime(dateTime,'unixepoch','localtime'),dateTime,sum from 
archive_day_rain order by rowid desc limit 1;" | sqlite3 weewx.sdb

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