We have a bunch of storms approaching and I noticed that I was measuring 
zero rain.  Got home from work and got the ladder out and found the VP2 
rain weep hole plugged with some debris. Sigh.

Three neighboring stations each measure about 1.00 inches of rain today for 
00:00-14:00 so I'd like to add rain info to match into my archive, and 
rebuild the various tables and reports. I'd like to not have to drop all 
the tables and rebuild 10 years of summaries.  I have 910,000 archive 
records, that would take forever to run.  Is there a clean way to just 

   - the archive_day_rain table
   - the archive_day_rainRate table
   - the NOAA reports for this month and year
   - whatever else I forgot

I updated the last 100 records in my archive table, setting rain=0.01 inch 
values to try to line up with the 1.00 inches of rain today that 
neighboring stations have measured:

   - I did not add any 'sum' values to those records (should I have ?)
   - I did not add any 'rainRate' values to those records (I'm ok with not 
   doing so unless it affects other calculations somehow)
   - Should I just 'remove' today's record from archive_day_rain and 
   archive_day_rainRate and expect/hope weewx to calculate them ?  Edit them ? 

I could probably do an offline drop+rebuild if absolutely forced to, but 
this question seems to come up often, so I'm looking to see if there's a 
quicker way for more focused edits like this....

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