On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 11:10:45 AM UTC-4, Mehale wrote:

> I am running a WH3081 branded as Excelvan (
> http://www.excelvan.com/product-g_64.html) and weewx stops reading data 
> from it after some days.
> The last time I ran into this I had to remove the USB cable and the 
> batteries from the WS console to have weewx reading again.
> Oct 11 15:06:51 sensors weewx[16711]: engine: Archive will use data 
> binding wx_binding
> Oct 11 15:06:51 sensors weewx[16711]: engine: Record generation will be 
> attempted in 'software'
> Oct 11 15:06:52 sensors kernel: [1585899.765691] w1_master_driver 
> w1_bus_master1: Family 0 for 00.56fe00000000.43 is not registered.
> Any help is appreciated.

which operating system is this?

something is happening after the 'record generation will be attempted in 
'software'" message.

set debug=1 in weewx.conf then try again.  that should provide more 

also, please post the [FineOffsetUSB] section of your weewx.conf


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