Thanks for the info. I don't suppose there is a date set yet for that 
release? If it is still sometime away, I am not adverse to install a 
development version, although I have never installed from github and am not 
quite sure how to go about that.


On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 5:59:16 PM UTC-5, mwall wrote:
> anthony,
> packet caching for rapidfire was added on 02 nov 2016 (commit 
> 4ed8c78069a60fbb4968679beb3766ac57f5fde1), but it is not yet available in a 
> regular weewx release.
> if you want to live on the edge, install from the master branch of the 
> repository.
> if you want stability, wait for the next weewx release.
> m

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