On Friday, January 13, 2017 at 8:12:22 AM UTC-5, wxwatching wrote:
> mwall,
> Thanks for the info. I don't suppose there is a date set yet for that 
> release? If it is still sometime away, I am not adverse to install a 
> development version, although I have never installed from github and am not 
> quite sure how to go about that.
usually it is pretty safe to use what is on the master branch.  we try to 
never 'break' the master, but sometimes bugs happen.

really disruptive changes happen on a branch so they can be tested first.  
for example, there is a lot of activity right now on the 'development' 

there is not yet a date set for the 3.7 release.  there will probably be a 
lengthy public testing period before 3.7 is ready to replace 3.6.

if you want to run from code directly from master, download the zip file 
from github (click the green 'clone or download' button and select 
'Download ZIP').  unzip it, then install using the setup.py approach.  deb 
and rpm packages are only available once we get into the last stages of 
testing a release.

if you want to keep updated with the latest changes from master, then use 
'git' to clone the repository and to update your copy over time.  details 
for doing that would take more than a couple of sentences.

if you are playing with unstable code (yours or that of someone else), be 
sure to backup your database, and keep a copy of your working weewx around 
in case you want to roll back.

its pretty easy to switch back and forth from one version of weewx to 
another, but probably not something you want to do on a production system.


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