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El viernes, 28 de julio de 2017, 2:07:10 (UTC+2), gjr80 escribió:
> Hi,
> The message you saw can most likely be ignored. The WMR300 reports a 
> cumulative rain total rather than an incremental rain value (ie rainfall 
> per period). WeeWX stores 'rainfall per archive period' so the WMR300 
> driver needs to calculate an incremental rainfall value from the cumulative 
> value reported by the station. This is done by keeping track of the last 
> cumulative rain value from the station and calculating the incremental 
> value as the difference between the current cumulative rain value and the 
> last cumulative rain value. This works fine once the driver has been 
> running long enough to have received two packets with cumulative rain data. 
> However, when the driver (read weeWX) first starts, the driver has no idea 
> what the last cumulative rain value (ie the 'old' value) was so it is set 
> to None. When the first packet is received by the driver with cumulative 
> rain data (let's say 43.688) the driver cannot calculate the incremental 
> rainfall as it does not know the 'old' value. Consequently, you get a 
> message like you saw. When the next packet arrives with cumulative rainfall 
> data it should work fine as the driver now has an 'old' value.
> So if you are seeing the message you saw when you first startup weeWX then 
> that is normal operation and nothing to worry about. However, if you are 
> seeing this message regularly and it's not associated with a weeWX 
> start/restart then something is wrong.
> Gary
> On Wednesday, 26 July 2017 02:02:58 UTC+10, Juan Antonio Mosquera wrote:
>> What does this log message mean in the WMR300 ?, I searched the net and 
>> found nothing (for now)
>> wmr300: possible missed rain event: new=43.688 old=None
>> wmr300: rain=None rain_total=43.688 last_rain=None
>> Thank you!

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