I have my weather station running nicely, and decided to go ahead and 
install the 'forecast' extension.  I also grabbed the 'nonfree' data as I'm 
located near London in the UK... 

  root@weather:~# history | grep apt
  505  apt-get install xtide
  506  apt-get install xtide-data
  507  apt-get install xtide-data-nonfree

I have an API key from the UK Met Office, and am ready to rock.   First, I 
decide to test xtide... 

root@weather:~# tide -l London
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-dwf-20100529-nonfree.tcd...
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-dwf-20100529-free.tcd...
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-initial.tcd...
The specified station was not found in any harmonics file.

Error details:
Could not find: London

OK, so there's a problem.  No luck with 'London, UK' either.  Or 'London, 
England'.  I google and find a thread on this group from 2014, and one of 
the responses in there is to test with 'Bangor'.  

root@weather:~# tide -l "Bangor, Northern Ireland"
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-dwf-20100529-nonfree.tcd...
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-dwf-20100529-free.tcd...
Indexing /usr/share/xtide/harmonics-initial.tcd...
Bangor, Northern Ireland - READ flaterco.com/pol.html
54.6650° N, 5.6690° W

2018-02-02  5:02 PM GMT   Sunset
2018-02-02  6:28 PM GMT   0.27 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-02  7:52 PM GMT   Moonrise
2018-02-03 12:46 AM GMT   3.37 meters  High Tide
2018-02-03  6:48 AM GMT   0.58 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-03  8:08 AM GMT   Sunrise
2018-02-03  9:39 AM GMT   Moonset
2018-02-03  1:01 PM GMT   3.77 meters  High Tide
2018-02-03  5:04 PM GMT   Sunset
2018-02-03  7:15 PM GMT   0.32 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-03  9:12 PM GMT   Moonrise
2018-02-04  1:35 AM GMT   3.30 meters  High Tide
2018-02-04  7:35 AM GMT   0.63 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-04  8:06 AM GMT   Sunrise
2018-02-04 10:01 AM GMT   Moonset
2018-02-04  1:47 PM GMT   3.73 meters  High Tide
2018-02-04  5:07 PM GMT   Sunset
2018-02-04  8:02 PM GMT   0.41 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-04 10:29 PM GMT   Moonrise
2018-02-05  2:22 AM GMT   3.22 meters  High Tide
2018-02-05  8:04 AM GMT   Sunrise
2018-02-05  8:22 AM GMT   0.70 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-05 10:22 AM GMT   Moonset
2018-02-05  2:34 PM GMT   3.63 meters  High Tide
2018-02-05  5:09 PM GMT   Sunset
2018-02-05  8:50 PM GMT   0.55 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-05 11:43 PM GMT   Moonrise
2018-02-06  3:10 AM GMT   3.14 meters  High Tide
2018-02-06  8:02 AM GMT   Sunrise
2018-02-06  9:10 AM GMT   0.80 meters  Low Tide
2018-02-06 10:43 AM GMT   Moonset

Yep, that works.  So I look for 'weewx predict tides' in google and get 
this site: http://tides.mobilegeographics.com/

I search in there for London, and get several responses (see screenshot).  
I tried the first three of them, but get an error with each.  I even tried 
'harmonics.world    51.5000° N, 0.0833° W', and the coordinates.  Every 
time, I try with double quotes and single quotes.  Nothing seems to work. 

This is going to be really easy, and I'll kick myself when someone points 
it out to me.... 


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