On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 2:13:09 PM UTC-8, Zeky91 wrote:
> Yes, i have tried that but its again the same. 
> If I disconnect power for 5 minutes on RPI, when I reconnect rpi updates 
> time on Davis to old time(5minutes ago) and after few seconds more to one 
> minute rpi gets real time! If I reboot rpi after this with reboot comand, 
> after that time is normal.
> Or thru wee_device --set-time
Again, if you are on a pi and you get good behavior after a 'reboot' and 
bad behavior after a power disconnect, then your pi is coming up and trying 
to start weewx before it knows correct time.  This historically has been 
that fake-hwclock thing, but perhaps systemd has something equivalent doing 
the same bad behavior.

Just for a test, disable weewx via systemctl and power the pi off then on. 
  Then manually start weewx after it powers back up.  I suspect things will 
work correctly.   This will verify that it's the pi os feeding incorrect 
time after a powerup.

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