Exactly what did you stumble across as there is a skin and an extension 
that can produce the gauge-data.txt file used to drive the SteelSeries 
Weather Gauges. Firstly there is the SteelSeries skin 
<https://github.com/weewx/weewx/wiki/steelseries> that generates 
gauge-data.txt via a weeWX report and hence gauge-data.txt is generated 
every report cycle, eg every 5 minutes. Secondly, there is the Realtime 
gauge-data extension <https://github.com/gjr80/weewx-realtime_gauge-data> 
for weeWX that I linked in my first post, this extension produces a loop 
based  version of gauge-data.txt. The period between generation of this 
loop based file can be controlled using the min_interval config option 
(refer the the comments at the front of file rtgd.py included in the 
extension package). 

On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 13:11:09 UTC+10, A.J. Burnett wrote:
> I stumbled across SteelSeries Gauges and saw that it produced a great JSON 
> file (and has some cool gauges to go along with it too!). So I have a JSON 
> file now, but I want SteelSeries to update every 2.5 seconds (near 
> real-time). I can't find that interval anywhere...right now, it appears to 
> be every 10 minutes.
> Any ideas on how to get the 2.5-second interval going?
> A.J.

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