Installing both has complicated matters a little; you now have two 
instances of gauge-data.txt being generated, one by the SteelSeries Gauges 
skin and one by the Realtime gauge-data.txt extension. The upshot of this 
is you/we need to pay careful attention to paths or you will get the two 
confused and we will end up chasing our tail. No matter lets work through 
each and see what is going on. Firstly, in terms of the syslog extract, I 
am going to ignore everything before Feb 14 16:47:06, there is just so many 
loop packet errors, config errors and ftpupload errors that make it 
impossible to decipher. I trust Feb 14 16:47:06 was the last time you 
stopped/started weeWX after installing both the skin and the extension.

Let's look at the SteelSeries Gauges skin (aka 'the skin'). If installed 
correctly it should have created a directory /home/weewx/public_html/ss on 
your weeWX machine and it should have written a number of files to that 
directory, one should be gauge-data.txt and it should be being updated 
every 1 minute given that your archive interval is 1 minute. Is 
/home/weewx/public_html/ss/gauge-data.txt being updated every minute? If so 
that suggests the skin is working correctly. Related to the skin but not 
part of it is the FTP report that is uploading files to your web 
server/host via FTP. If the /home/weewx/public_html/ss directory exists and 
gauge-data.txt is in this directory then the directory and gauge-data.txt 
should be being uploaded to you web host every 1 minute. Right now (12:08am 
15 February your time) I can see your site 
<> and it appears to be 
updating fine. If I goto your SteelSeries Gauges page 
<> I can see your 
gauges but they are not displaying any data (no matter, will fix that 
later). This tells me the ss directory has been created on your web server. 
I should be able to view the gauge-data.txt that was generated by the skin 
at but when I look 
at this file it is dated 23:47 13 February 2018, so either gauge-data.txt 
is not being uploaded by FTP or it is not being generated by the skin.

When I look at your log extract throughout it I see various FTP errors, 
mostly timeouts but a number of permission errors as well. I don't know 
whether this is the cause, you appear to have had successful FTP uploads 
since 23:47 13 February 2018.

I said we would come back to the SteelSeries Gauges not displaying data. In 
ss/scripts/gauges.js there is a setting realTimeUrlWeewx (normally line 74) 
that tells the SteelSeries Gauges where on your web server (not necessarily 
weeWX server) to find gauge-data.txt. You presently have it set to 
/home/weewx/public_html/gauge-data.txt which is the location on your weeWX 
server and almost certainly not the location on you web server. Using 
relative paths is usually best, in this case the path is relative to the 
ss/index.html so just setting it to 'gauge-data.txt' should work. Now to 
make the change don't edit ss/gauges.js on your web server, it will be 
overwritten next time you start weeWX, but rather make the change on your 
weeWX server in the skins directory. Edit 
/home/weewx/skins/ss/scripts/gauges.js and make the change. Save the file 
then stop then start weeWX. The next FTP upload should see the updated 
gauges.js copied to your web server (monitor you log file to see that the 
FTP upload worked).

Now the Realtime gauge-data extension. There are no errors in the log so I 
would assume the extension is producing gauge-data.txt, to confirm have a 
look in the /home/weewx/public_html directory. Is there a gauge-data.txt 
there and is it being updated every loop period (should be roughly every 
2.5 seconds for a Vantage station). If it is there and being updated have a 
look at the contents, does it appear correct (it will be somewhat cryptic 
but you should be able to make sense of it). If the file is not there we 
will need to have a look at a debug log to see what is going on. To get a 
debug log edit weewx.conf, set debug = 2, save weewx.conf then stop then 
start weeWX. Let weeWX run for a few minutes then take a log extract from 
when you just started weeWX until the few minutes were up and post the log 
extract. That should tell us what is or is not going on. Once we know that 
part of the extension is working we will worry about getting the data to 
your web server.


On Thursday, 15 February 2018 08:09:24 UTC+10, A.J. Burnett wrote:
> OK...I've installed both the SteelGauge skin and the Realtime gauge-data 
> extension, but now, my "gauge-data.txt" file is not being updated. I'm 
> attaching my weewx.conf, log, and gauges.js files...maybe you'll spot 
> something I missed?

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