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On Thursday, 15 February 2018 06:05:58 UTC+10, vince wrote:
> My VP2 has recently been in a state where it was missing most rain tips 
> due to the mounting bracket getting out of level due to mounting pole 
> issues I've recently fixed.  Today's first rain in a week verifies the 
> Davis is ok, it's tipping again and matching my CoCoRaHS manual gauge 
> exactly again.   So I'd like to update things so my daily totals of rain 
> for the last 90 days or so match my daily manual readings.
> I know one option is edit and do a full --drop-daily, but I'd like to 
> avoid a full rebuild as I have well over 1,000,000 archive records here.   
> But I see the nice --rebuild-daily option makes that perhaps unnecessary 
> now.  Cool.

Yep, one of the things I would cringe at when forced to do a rebuild/(nee 
backfill) was the loss of all that loop data granularity. When wee_database 
got a touch up under v3.7.0 we were able to implement --to and --from to 
limit the the rebuild in time, but unfortunately limiting it to certain obs 
only was a bridge too far. FWIW I have come to live with the occassional 
loss of some granularity in the daily summaries.

> Couple questions:
>    - For rebuilding the subset of dailies, I'm guessing it would be 
> "wee_database 
>    --rebuild-daily --from=2017-10-01 --to=2018-02-14"
> Spot on. The --date option can also be used to rebuild a single date 
only. You will notice the Utilities Guide includes the sentence *'In most 
cases it is not necessary to drop the daily summaries tables using the 
action --drop-daily before rebuilding them*' under --rebuild-daily. I can't 
remember the exact circumstances (and I have seen a couple of cases where 
it was required, but I think they were cases where the daily summaries were 
somehow corrupted - not sure) that do require a --drop-daily before the 
rebuild. Obviously, if have to do a --drop-daily then you have lost all 
that granularity from loop data and you will have to rebuild the lot.

>    - If I just edit one 'rain' element per day in the archive table and 
>    leave 'rainRate' at 0.0 would that get me the updated daily totals 
>    effect I'm looking for ?
> It should. Of course any aggregates based on a period less than 1 day will 
be nonsense for the period concerned  (eg hourly rainfall totals) but most 
folks don't use those sorts of aggregates, and if they do most use 'the 
last hour' or similar (ie here and now not months ago)

>    - and I'm guessing I'd have to delete the NOAA files for the 
>    months/years I mess with, and weewx will regenerate them as always, 
> correct 
>    ?
> Almost right, you will need to delete the lot and let weeWX regenerate 
them all. Normally, only the current month and year NOAA  format reports 
are regenerated each report cycle. For example, if you have reports from 
September 2017 to February 2018 and delete October 2017 through to February 
2018 then only February 2018 is regenerated. To force October 2017 to 
January 2018 to be regenerated you need to delete September 2017 as well. 
The only penalty paid in deleting them all is that first report cycle might 
take a while to complete.

Again, I'd like the NOAA files to show updated values matching reality as 
> measured by my manual gauge while the VP2 wasn't measuring correctly.   
> Bonus points if the rainYear totals as reported by weewx and (ideally) the 
> VP2 console catch up to reality too.

Well you can manually set the day, month and year rain totals on the 
console (VP2/VP2 Plus Console User Manual 
page 27). Once you have weeWX all fixed see what it reports for current 
day, month and year rainfall and then just edit the day, month and year 
totals on your console to be the same as weeWX. Now it matches :) 

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